Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations

In today’s business environment, maintaining and securing data is crucial to the successful operation of a business. Paradise Technologies, Inc. manages the data centers that run the applications that store the organization’s core business and operational data. Our data center operators provide computer operations, system administration, virtualization, data center consolidation, hardware and software upgrades, system certification and accreditation testing, data backup and recovery, cable installation, information assurance, configuration management, help desk, telecommunications, network administration and physical security 24/7, 365 days a year.

Paradise Technologies, Inc. management and technical personnel are trained to support data center operations and perform the following tasks:

  • Systems administration, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Migrate physical systems to virtualized systems
  • Implement cyber security solutions and defend against cyber attacks
  • Configuration management and IA compliance auditing
  • Incremental and full backup of main systems
  • Monitor systems for error messages and take appropriate corrective action as needed
  • Monitor configuration, security and integrity of the server data centerroom
  • Disaster planning, backup and recovery for continuity of operations and emergency response
  • Implement authentication, authorization, and identification systems using PKI/PKE security and biometric solutions, such as Single sign-on (SSO) with common access cards (CAC) and electronic fingerprinting
  • System administration for virtual private network (VPN)
  • Assist with hardware and software upgrades and new installations
  • Document daily computer activities
  • Audit and review system logs
  • Run production programs and examine outputs for accuracy and completeness
  • Modify production program scripts for input and output files and print files when labeling constructs dictate
  • Prepare and secure monthly backup tapes for disaster recovery storage
  • Monitor physical environment to include air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply, fire prevention, alarms, etc.

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