Network Engineering and Design

Network Engineering and Design

Paradise Technologies, Inc. specializes in providing network engineering solutions that satisfy global communication needs for a wide range of government and commercial customers. Our team is highly trained and certified to provide the most secure, cutting-edge design, development, integration, deployment and system administration solutions. Sabre enterprise networks support voice, data, and video using varied technologies such as IP, ATM, Frame Relay and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Each network is designed to fulfill the requirements and specifications unique to each customer.

Paradise Technologies, Inc.  provides the following network engineering services:

  • Design, engineer and document new hardware, software and systems
  • Evaluate and select hardware and software vendors
  • Final product deployment training for customer operations team
  • Patch, update and secure networks; deploy security and OS updates to the enterprise
  • Construct and manage test labs
  • Ensure environment compliance with government security regulations
  • Support continuous technological refresh for servers and workstations
  • Provide Tier III support for technology, security patches, hardware, applications and operating systems
  • Integrate and deploy handheld devices
  • Develop technology plans and roadmaps

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