CMS Integration
“Content Management System” is simply a system built for easy and fast editing with no need of coding knowledge.

We can take your current “static” site and migrate it to a CMS system. This will allow you to update and change parts of your site by logging in and simply clicking a button. This gives YOU full control and will save you in web costs related to a web master.

No time to do it yourself? We can help by updating on a per task or retainer basis. Click here for our website help section.

Marketing Systems

So you have decided to start marketing online, but are not sure of where to start? We can help you build email campaigns or an affiliate programs. Each can be beneficial in different ways.

Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach and stay in the minds of your customer base. From lead generation to landing pages we’ll get you moving to create a great and effective campaign.

Affiliate programs are superb ways to sell products or services. By providing a small percentage of your profits to affiliates, they are more motivated to sell product for you, therefore increasing your sales with minimal effort and cost.

Custom Programming

When a pre-made system is not available, you may need a custom solution. We have experience doing the following custom systems:

• Order Systems
• Shopping Carts
• Searches (including Real Estate)

As well as the following languages:

• Javascript

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become a key phrase in website development. We all want to be that website located on the first page of a search engine result. Good SEO practices can increase your website’s rank, as well as your site traffic. We can develop the most effective keywords for your business, to get you relevant site visitors.


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