Basic Starter Site


and $100 a month for the first year.

Domain registration for 5 years add $100

We will build you a CMS driven site from one of our standard templets.  We will custom

You will provide the Wording, photos and artwork for the site.  We will build you up to 10 page web site.

A Responsive Design site – Fits your site automaticlly for mobiles and tablets.

Each month for the first year we will do minor edits to your site pages and and SEO work on your site.


$5 a month for each  mail account using GMail services.

$60/hour for training on using and editing your site on your own.


We build you a CMS site.
<li>Add to google/webmasters/tools</li>
<li>Google Analytics</li>
<li>Set you up a Google Plus Page</li>
<li>Set you up a Google Places page.</li>
<li>Add to bing web mast tools</li>
<li>Add to google+</li>
<li>Bing Places for Business</li>
<li>Google Places</li>
<li>Set up an email list for each site</li>
<li>Link to your business page to facebook</li>
<li>Link your business page to twitter</li>
<li>Google Maps</li>
<li>You Tube Account</li>
<li>SEO Check list</li>
<li>Google Maps</li>
<li>Microsoft Bing Site Map</li>
<li>Google Blogger account</li>
<li>Google Adwords Account</li>
<li>Google Office Products setup</li>

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