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What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

What does your email address say about you and your business? With more people relying on digital communications than phone calls or face-to-face interaction, your email address may be the critical lynchpin in connecting you to the outside world.

Just ten to fifteen years ago, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail email addresses were not only popular they were also practical. The cost and maintenance for your business to have its own email address was not practical. Today though that is no longer the case, in fact Huffington Post ran a nice article with findings of what these free accounts tend to say about their owners. The free email addresses from the past are still free, but could be costing you business, which translates into dollars.

The cost to own your own website, manage it and have an email for each employee associated with it is far less than you think. There are different providers who can help you set up a singular email address for less than twenty dollars a year. How many sales does it take for you to net twenty dollars? Most businesses can offset the twenty dollars it costs for that one email address in as little as two sales.

Your email address needs to be memorable, accurate and individualized. Many firms create what are known as alias email accounts for their different departments. Alias email addresses are sales@, shipping@, team@, service@ … you get the idea. These addresses do not help the emailer connect with the recipient. People prefer to interact with a person, not a nameless position at a company. Alias emails are also bad because many of them are known for creating spam content. Some email programs will instantly move alias emails to a spam account. This may mean a missed opportunity for you.

Instead of creating alias email addresses, create personalized email addresses for the key members of your staff. This will show to them their importance to you and your business, plus it will create a better flow of emails between your business and customers.

Understanding how an email address works will help you set up your company’s emails. With so many people on the Internet and on email, your email address is as unique as your social security number in identifying you. The first part of the address is referred to as the local part; this segment of the address is what tells the email the exact inbox to deliver to. The local part is case-sensitive; most people tend to use all lower case letters for their local part. You should also avoid numbers or words that could be considered numbers whenever possible; when you give your email over the phone defining for, four or 4 can become confusing.

The second part of your email address is referred to the domain part; this segment tells the email which company or domain the email is associated with. The domain part is not case sensitive, but again most tend to use lower case letters. The domain should reflect your business’ name, making your email easier to identify with the company.

Put yourself on the receiving end of the email – would you rather receive an email from trying to sell you something, or In this day and age of Internet scams you are far less likely to trust someone with the AOL account to discuss finances with. The same can be true if your company ran a giveaway – how much would you trust someone with the AOL account to say you’ve won something?

AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are all great if you are using them for personal non-business interactions. Emailing friends and family from an account you have had for years is perfectly normal and fine. It is time however to separate business and pleasure and create a business email account for each of your key employees. You can still monitor their email and discuss good and bad usage of their account to ensure nothing negative is sent out with your companies’ email address tied to it.

We live in a digital world and your customers are there – you need to ensure your communication is as up to date as your customers expect it to be. If you have questions or concerns on setting up a new email address for yourself or your employees, do a bit of research on the different providers you can find online. Ask them all the same questions, and then go with who makes the most sense to you. Feel free to post questions on our Facebook page as well. You never know when one of your fellow fishing tackle retailers will have the answers you have been searching for.

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